Review: Best EJuice Flavors + Vapes Under 50 & 100

The vape tanks with e juice could be used discretely, and many users value this. Find the best vape juice 2017 here – On the other hand, the mechanical mod is bulkier and heavier than the pen – which makes them less portable compared to the vape box. The pen is quite simple to use and is ideal for a beginner. It can be used with very little vaping experience. The mod has a more complex design and a learning curve before using it. They have extra features to choose from. Hence, the mod is not the best device for a first-time user.

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Your budget will play an important part when choosing between a dab pen and mechanical mod. Given that the dry herb pen is simple to use and smaller compared to a mod, it is much cheaper than the mod. Even though the mechanical mod costs more than a wax pen for e liquid, it is worth the price in the long run because of its durability. The mod is more durable since it is bulkier and made of higher quality materials compared to the vape tank. On the other hand, the mod doesn’t take much beating similar to a vape pen. The pen is used more frequently due to its portability. Hence, it has a shorter lifespan compared to the mod.

The battery life is also an important factor to consider. Since the mechanical mod is powerful, it has more battery life compared to a vapor pen. There are also more setting options on a vape mod, read more on that topic. The voltage could be increased or decreased depending on your personal needs.

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In conclusion, the vapor pen and mechanical mod for e-juice are two variations of electronic cigarettes. You should choose the right product for you depending on your personal needs and budget. There are many differences between the vape pen and mechanical mod. The above article provides information on the differences between vape pens and mechanical mods.